“Every piece of clothing is a different story,

and Arthur Erre turns it into …magic.”


We believe in the power of satire and wit to elicit stimulating insights, which can help us grow and evolve. We believe that irreverence can be a rainbow to set us free from dreary conformism.

We believe in the truth of the old adage that you are only young once, but we are under no obligation to ever grow up.

We believe that life is for living, cultivating our passions, falling in love all the time, nurturing our secret dreams every day, travelling, reading a lot and howling with laughter at even the silliest things.

We believe that life is too short to take ourselves too seriously, it will only make us feel miserable.

We believe that putting our names and faces on our products will make our mums feel even prouder.

We believe that it is great to meet new people, even if they are different from us: we like quirky characters, and diversity makes us better human beings.

We believe in people’s right to freedom of movement throughout the world.

We believe that it is normal to be kind to people.

We believe that hands convey emotions; hands cutting and sewing our garments one by one, hands printing our pictures on fabrics, hands playing an instrument and – last but not least – hands shaking every time we close a deal.

We believe that happy people create joyful clothes and we believe that joyful clothes help the wearers feel happy and spread happiness around them.

We believe in the value of our products, in fair profits, in the importance of keeping packaging to a minimum.

We believe in designing clothing made by the expert hands of Italian artisans, exclusively using natural fibres.

We believe that expressions such as “natural fibres”, “quality yarns”, and “attention to details” still hold real meaning, and are more than just marketing.

Above all we believe, as Jim Morrison used to say, that “… ultimately, any explanation kills art”. So, please, forget all of the above !



From an idea of Silvia Pizzetti & Arthur Erre (Founders)