Organic Cotton


The textile industry and the environment

The textile industry, sadly holds second place in the world’s most polluting industries.

We should all be aware that our wardrobes are filled with meters and meters of environmentally toxic fabrics.

They are a health risk and may cause skin allergies and dermatitis not to mention the enormous quantities of  harmful micro-substances draining from our homes during their laundering which pass through the town wastewater filters due to their size.

In the last ten years, the problem of environmental pollution has reached such a dangerous level that the majority of worldwide experts and researchers agree that pollution will be the most important factor pertaining to the future of humanity.

Furthermore, to increase profit in recent years, the textile industry has gone to countries where certain working conditions and environmental practices are looked upon as normal or at least acceptable when in truth they are a worldwide, well known international scandal.



What does organic cotton mean?

Organic cotton is a Non-GMO natural fiber which uses less water than standard cotton. It is grown without any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers. It uses crop rotation to maintain fertile, healthy growing fields. This means fewer health risks for the farmers and the inhabitants of the area, as well as a final product better for softness and durability.


The Arthur Erre'S Collection

ARTHUR ERRE is an Italian Brand, based in Milan, whose main mission is to create 100% Italian handmade quality clothing, with an eye for details.

We attain our standing through focusing on fashionable choices, made of fine eco-friendly materials.

Sustainability is deeply rooted in ARTHUR ERRE’S dna: we believe that all materials should be produced respecting both the workers and our planet.

The Arthur Erre collection is created with respect for all people, guaranteeing fair wages and gender equality. Its workplaces have strict safety regulations and seek to assure the well being of those involved in every aspect of the business.

The Arthur Erre production  was inspired by a cotton ball which was grown under strict ethical and ecological standards.

Our collection, exclusively, uses organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The combination of these two materials makes for a very soft, tightly woven fabric which lends itself perfectly to the printing process and enhances the comfort of everyday wear.

Not only cotton

Arthur Erre’s focus is not only on natural fibers but on all types of materials: this is why, for example, all of the polyester used by Arthur Erre comes from recycled sources.

Some of our sweatshirts are a mix of recycled polyester and organic cotton which are woven together to create a softer and more cozy feel to the skin.

Low waste production

Clothing production creates fabric scraps during the cutting process. Arthur Erre actively makes an effort to reduce this waste through collaboration with a partner who gathers the materials and recycles them. The scraps become new cotton thread which are used to create reusable shopping bags and handbags.


The Arthur Erre collection is proud to have received the  Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OCS Blended and OCS 100 certifications which attest to its dedication to sustainability, ecology and social commitment.

100% of Arthur Erre’s clothing is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which is a globally recognized standard awarded to leaders in the production of fabrics from organic fibers. The standard covers the entire chain of production from the farm to the factory: from picking the cotton, to weaving the fiber, assembly of the articles and on to the final product.

The cotton, which is used, is also certified to be non-GMO and therefore grown without chemical products or banned toxic substances during the dyeing process. GOTS guarantees that the International Labour Standards are upheld throughout the entire production chain.