Sustainable Development



Arthur Erre’s contribution to sustainable development is based on our personal interest in this matter and the values it’s message conveys, from generation to generation, from the craftsmen who contribute to our maison and the creation of our goods: values of which we hold dear.

Our roots speak of responsibility towards the planet and the human race.

In fact, our dream is to leave a positive footprint in the parts of the world we are able to touch.

In a world, that has seen unprecedented acceleration, we believe it is opportune to slow the pace, to improveThat is why we respect nature’s cycles and the pace of our collaborators, so they can work with stress free pleasure, offering the best of their abilitiesWorking this way, we respect natural resources and create original, high quality pieces.The men and women who assist us, the communities where we are involved and the materials which come from our natural surroundings, are our traveling partnersToday, more than ever, they are the center of our attention and of our growth process.


Organic cotton is a form of cotton grown according to the rules of organic farming, exactly as it is for food products.

At the base of a textile certification, which certifies the biological origin of the fabric, there is the exclusion of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and many other harmful substances, commonly used in the production chain.

The reduction in the quantity of water and the energy resources used also contributes to improving the quality of the soil and the environment, avoiding contamination of the water and preserving its biodiversity.

The cultivation of organic cotton is sustainable, ecological and ethical both for the environment and for society.

Should we all be more aware that the use of cotton is one of the main causes of global environmental pollution?

The harmful substances, in fact, as pesticides, resins, heavy metals and toxic solvents used in the production and processing of standard cotton persist in the fabric even after washing: with the passage of time a part of these substances is absorbed by our skin and a other part is released into the water with each wash.


In our collections we use only natural fibers from 100% Organic Cotton Certified  – crops because we believe a more respectful approach to the environment, the planet and, nevertheless, the health of all operators and customers is a must.

The result of this choice of ours is a cotton of excellent quality, particularly soft to the touch and that, in particular, guarantees a duration in time certainly greater than the standards to which we are accustomed.


Promoting the spread of organic crops means less impoverishment of land and less risk to the health of farmers and, more generally, to all the inhabitants of the territory where cultivation takes place.

Even the mere renunciation of the use, in the cycle of Organic Cotton cultivation, of fungicides and pesticides (which in itself represents only a small part of the improvements placed at the foundation of Organic Cotton crops) is in general an undeniable advantage in favor of the biodiversity of the territory, of the planet and of the well-being of all its inhabitants.